Hen’s Night in Singapore: 10 Classy Ideas for the Best Celebration Ever!

Hen’s Night in Singapore: 10 Classy Ideas for the Best Celebration Ever!

Hen’s Night in Singapore: 10 Classy Ideas for the Best Celebration Ever!

Hen’s party, it has to be spectacular! Just imagine it, all the girls together for a fun day or night out, bonding over champagne and excitedly discussing the wedding day.

Whether you’re all embracing your creative side with an artistic adventure, tickling your taste buds with a cooking course, or going all out for ultimate decadence in spas or on yachts, we have all the ideas for the perfect and classy bridal party.

1. Shake and create your very own cocktail with SipBar



Making a toast to the bride-to-be is imperative, but why do that with a basic drink in hand? Clink your glasses and congratulate the future bride with your very own personalized cocktails.

Sipbar Concierge can help you and your fellow hens hone your bartending skills so you can show off your mixing abilities at your next dinner party. Book a ‘Bubbly Cocktails Workshop’ to celebrate in style; concocting luxurious champagne cocktails and having a lot of fun while doing so.

SipBar Concierge

Click here to learn more about their cocktail making workshops in Singapore.


2. Create your own signature scent with Jetaime Perfume

Give the bride and her hen party not only a fun bridal shower, but a present to take home at the end of the day! At the perfume making class with Jetaime Perfume, you can create your own bespoke scent from a range of fragrance samples.

Your party will take individual personality tests which will then help the perfumer guide you to making the perfect scent to match your style. The final perfume will be uniquely you, and the ideal gift to remember the day by. Treat your senses to the aromas on offer and walk away with a 75ml personalized perfume in a crystal bottle, plus a lot of happy memories of the day.

Jetaime Perfume

Click here to learn more about their perfume workshop.

3. Craft your own floral bouquet with Keira Floral Crafting Studio



Ask anyone and they will tell you that flowers make a wedding. After the bride and groom, your eyes go to the venue’s beauty in the wedding photographs, and that is often down to the floral decorations. Every bride and bridesmaid will want to walk down the aisle holding a perfectly crafted, stunning bouquet.

At Keira Floral Studio, your hen party can spend a few hours creating your own unique floral bouquets. You’ll learn how to craft it and take care of it, and get to take it home at the end of your session.

Keira Flora Crafting Studio

Click here to learn more about their floral workshop.

4. Host a pole dancing party with SLAP dance studio

If you’re looking for something a little different, why not treat your bride and her girls to a pole dancing party? You’ll be guaranteed to have a lot of fun! Regardless whether you want pick up a new skill, or just want to flex your funny bone and have a good laugh!

You can choose a pole dance lesson or a lap dance class, or a combination of both! What’s more? You can even book a photographer for the session to ensure that it’s a day you can cherish forever.

SLAP Dance Studio

Click here to learn more about their private dance party / workshop.

5. Have a hassle-free, Instagram-worthy picnic with Heaven’s Bloom



Hen parties don’t have to be huge soirees with over-the-top activities if that’s not your thing.

For a peaceful and personal bridal shower, take your girls on a quaint picnic somewhere beautiful. Find a sweet spot in the outdoors, whether it’s by the water or in your favourite park, and leave the heavy work to Heaven’s Bloom who create stunning picnic baskets, filled to the brim with delicious treats and tipples.

Heaven’s Bloom

Click here to learn more about their picnic service.

6. Learn to cook your favourite Japanese food with ABC Cooking Studio

For all the foodie brides out there, a cooking course will be right up her street. Whether she’s an avid cook back home, or just a big lover of Japanese cuisine, cooking classes at ABC Cooking Studio will tick all her boxes. The dish you will be cooking depends on the month you book, so check beforehand to make sure it’s to everyone’s tastes.

ABC Cooking Studio

Click here to learn more about their cooking course.

7. Explore your artistic side with Souldeelight



Unleash your creativity with an art class at Souldeelight with your fellow hens. Make your bridal party a classy affair with watercolor painting or calligraphy sessions. Perfect your flowing fonts in calligraphy class, so your ‘Thank You’ notes will be a work of art.

Alternatively, wash away those bridal jitters with a glass of bubbly and a relaxing watercolor painting class. Take home your final product to impress your family with your new skill!


Click here to learn more about their private workshop.

8. Pamper yourself with Lush Spa

Planning a wedding is a stressful endeavour, so maybe your bride prefer a de-stressing session to be fully relaxed before her big day.

Lush spa at the Singapore Polo Club offers a Chic Hen’s Sparty, complete with a range of delightful spa features plus complimentary snacks and drinks. Enjoy a luxurious warm milk foot bath and a decadent chocolate hand dip, among other treats. Choose between a facial or full body massage for the main show, nibble on elegant canapes, sip pink bubbly and take home a jar of refreshing ginger tea. A classy hen’s ‘sparty’ indeed.

Lush Spa

Click here to learn more about their ‘sparty’ options.

9. Have a classy yacht party with Wicked Favors

For the ultimate hen’s party, take your girls on a deluxe cruise that will dominate your Instagram feeds.

Wicked Favors offer two cruises, either to Lazarus Island for a sun-soaked day on your very own private yacht, or sunset boat ride complete with a fireworks finale. It even includes a delectable 5-course meal or canapes and wine for the ultimate luxurious day.

Wicked Favors

Click here to learn morea bout their yacht party options.

10. Host a private house party with your very own bar



Going bar hopping isn’t everyone’s idea of a fun night out, especially when it comes to expensive taxis, club entrance fees and other people ruining your fun. Keep the party at home with Sipbar Concierge, who delivery a bar to your place.

Throw your own exclusive bridal party with a bar in your back garden or living room. They will provide bartenders and all the drinks you’ll need, and even clean up the bar once they’re done, so you can focus on enjoying the hen’s private party with a delicious cocktail in hand!

SipBar Concierge

Click here to learn more about their mobile bar services.


So whether you’re looking for an extravagant evening sailing out on the water, or a peaceful day in an art studio, make this bridal shower the one no one will be able to forget. We hope it’s an Instagram-worthy, beautiful day that you’ll all be talking about for years to come!

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